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Preparing well is key for interpreters and note-takers to offer a great service. Interprétation signes et paroles inc. is committed to offering the best service possible while respecting its interpreters. Your collaboration and commitment to providing the preparation material in a timely fashion are key and sincerely appreciated by the interpreters and note-takers assigned to your project or event. Please note that all preparation material will be treated confidentially and will either be destroyed following the event, or returned in person or by mail, according to your instructions.

Interprétation signes et paroles inc. is available to answer all of your questions. Once you have submitted the request form, we will recommend the number of interpreters needed (a team of two LSQ interpreters, a tactile interpreter, a team of LSQ-ASL interpreters, a team of two note-takers, etc.) for your event. We are committed to responding to your request as quickly as possible.

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