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Professional interpretation and note-taking service offered to postsecondary institutions, individuals and organizations

Why should you choose Interprétation signes et paroles inc.?

Hiring a trusted professional business like Interprétation signes et paroles inc. has numerous advantages. Much like a link connecting two chains together, the interpreter is the vehicle through which true communication can happen between two cultures. Our strength? Our professional interpreters who are perfectly bilingual and immersed in both cultures.

Having a business relationship with Interprétation signes et paroles inc. has important benefits. Whether you use our interpretation services, our note-taking services or a combination of both, you can rest assured that we are here to fully meet your needs.

We offer a turnkey service which includes, without being limited to, the following:

  • needs assessment;
  • interpreter synchronization in order to offer the best service possible;
  • preparation material requests;
  • competitive hourly rates;
  • consistent, concise, and clear billing.

Interprétation signes et paroles inc. also regularly assesses the performance of its interpreters. Meetings are planned at the beginning and at the end of each session (at a minimum) and more often, upon request from the interpreter, Interprétation signes et paroles inc. or the client.